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The Belgian Ministry has warned all food business operators, that the review of the notified labels will become more stringent.

The authorities point to article Article 2, §2, point j of Regulation 1169/2011 to emphasize that the label should include “any words, particulars, trademarks, brand name, pictorial matter or symbol relating to a food and placed on any packaging, document, notice, label, ring or collar accompanying or referring to such food”.

According to article 10 of Directive 2002/46/EC, Member States may require the manufacturer or the person placing the product on the market in their territory to notify the competent authority of that placing on the market by forwarding it a model of the label used for the product. In fact, the Belgian authorities now require notifying only the labels as they will be marketed.

As of 15 March 2022, notified labels that do not include all the elements required by Regulation 1169/2011 will not be assessed and the dossier will be considered incomplete. Notifiers are invited to bring their notification files into conformity as of now.

It is to be expected that this measure will also be followed by more stringent controls on the Belgian market.

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