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The Swedish Authorities notified a draft measure amending the Swedish Food Agency’s regulations on dietary supplements[1] in regards to maximum levels of vitamin D and iodine. In the draft measure, the following is proposed.

The recommended maximum daily dose of food supplements placed on the market in Sweden must not exceed levels of:

  • 100 μg vitamin D; or
  • 200 µg iodine.

The Swedish Authorities justify this initiative by referring to the scientific evidence that ingesting too high levels of vitamin D and iodine can have serious consequences. They also add that vitamin D and iodine are often used in food supplements and can be found at very high levels in these products on the market. Therefore, they argue that the new maximum levels would strongly limit the risk of accidental excessive consumption of these substances, improving safety for consumers.

According to the proposal, the rules on maximum limits will come into force on 1 January 2024. Other parts of the regulations will come into force when a decision is made, which is expected to take place in 2022.

[1] Proposal for an amendment to the National Food Administration’s regulations (LIVSFS 2003: 9) on dietary supplements Dnr 2018/02027

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