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The European Commission has authorized tetrahydrocurcuminoids at 140 mg/day in food supplements for adults, excluding pregnant and lactating women.[1]

However, the authorization is based on proprietary scientific evidence and scientific data protected until July 11, 2027. During the period of data protection, the novel food tetrahydrocurcuminoids is authorized for placing on the market within the Union only by Sabinsa Europe unless a subsequent applicant obtains authorization for the novel food without reference to the proprietary scientific evidence or scientific data protected.

The labeling of food supplements containing tetrahydrocurcuminoids shall bear a statement that

  • they should be consumed by adults only, excluding pregnant and lactating women;
  • they should not be consumed if other food supplements containing curcumin and/or curcuminoids are consumed on the same day.

[1] See Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/961

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