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Food Law Consult provides regulatory and scientific services in the fields of food, supplements, and cosmetics. Our in-depth knowledge of botanicals is quintessential to avoid pitfalls to market food and supplements with plants.

Food Law Consult guides your product launch from development to registration and marketing. We review your formula and labels. We notify your food supplements and fortified foods. We prepare dossiers for the authorization of novel foods, additives, and food for special groups. We advise on the classification of borderline products such as medical devices, cosmetics, food supplements, herbal medicinal products, and biocidal products. We provide creative solutions for health claims and have experience solving liability issues (withdrawals, recalls).

Food Law Consult provides scientific advice and cooperates with suppliers of high-quality ingredients to help you develop innovative products and shorten time to market.

Food Law Consult provides worldwide advice and specializes in the registration of health foods in China.


Joris started his professional career in the Research & Development department of a multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company. Those eight years taught him that in-depth knowledge of technical and scientific data is crucial to identify the ideal approach to market your product.

He worked for 7 years in the Belgian Ministry of Health where he gained knowledge of European food law, food supplements, and traditional herbal medicines. He worked with the experts of the Advisory Commission on Botanicals and extended his knowledge of these diverse ingredients.

Together with the authorities of France and Italy and three renowned experts in pharmacognosy and botany, he started a project for harmonization called BELFRIT. This harmonization project resulted in significant regulatory changes in all countries involved. He was the chairman of the Policy Advisory Board in the European project PlantLIBRA which extended his broad network of authorities and experts on botanicals. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the private and public sector, he has built an extensive network with connections to authorities, scientific experts, lawyers, sector associations, and firms. He recently followed a university course on immunity and has extensive knowledge of the traditional use of plants to improve health.