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A list of 55 plants of the Belgian Royal Plants Decree whose novel food status was questioned by the Belgian Authorities has been reduced to 34 plants.

The Belgian Authorities questioned the novel food status of 55 plant species, which are on List 3 of the Belgian Royal Plants Decree. They asked Member States for further documentation on the history of use in food during previous EC Working Groups on Novel Foods. The reason for this was that for these plant species on the Belgian list, no documentation on the history of use in food supplements prior to 1997 could be found in the archives.

The list has now been reduced to 34 plants.[1] For the plants marked in green in the list, evidence of consumption before May 1997 has been found in the meantime. The plants marked in red are included in the list of the French Decree or in the list of the Italian Decree.

Any evidence of consumption before 1997 in the EU for any of the remaining 34 plants can be sent to us. We are working together with sector organizations to submit all info to the Belgian authorities to make sure these plants are not considered novel in food supplements.

[1] See Belgian list of plants considered novel

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