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The Member States have endorsed a proposal from the Commission to not renew the authorization of 8 smoke flavourings for food. After a phase-out period, these flavourings will no longer be permitted for use in the EU.

The relevant decisions are based on scientific assessments by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which concluded that for all eight smoke flavourings assessed, genotoxicity concerns are either confirmed or can’t be ruled out. [1] EFSA’s opinion is based on an updated methodology, assessing new data submitted by the applicants. It concerns the specific flavourings which can be added to food, and not the food itself.

The Regulation sets out different phase-out periods to give time for producers and operators to adapt to the new rules. When used to replace traditional smoking (e.g. hams, fish, cheeses) the phase-out period is 5 years. For uses where the smoke flavouring is added for extra flavour (e.g. soups, crisps, sauces), the phase-out period will be 2 years. The Regulation will be formally adopted by the Commission in the coming weeks, to enter into force later this spring.

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